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About Us

When it comes to home plans, Larry James knows you have a choice. That's why he pursues your satisfaction every step of the way. His design company, Larry James & Associates, Inc., puts the customer first in every respect. In his smooth, southern voice, he says, "We'll do just about anything to service our customers and keep them happy—it's that important to us."

So what makes a Larry James home plan different from all the rest?

Commitment to Excellence

Larry James home designs are honest and classic, rooted firmly in his dedication to simple, straightforward design. They are marked by a timeless flair that never goes out of style, intended to look and feel as good 100 years from now as they do today. "I design homes for the way people live," says Larry. "My homes are a visit to something comfortable out of a person's past."

Larry James delivers that time-honored comfort and more. His designs offer exteriors that are elegant and classically detailed. Inside, each floor plan is open and spacious, with high ceilings, stunning windows, luxurious bathrooms and all the modern amenities you deserve. Many plans keep your future in mind with ample expansion opportunities. And since Larry knows your home will most likely be a long-term investment, he incorporates plenty of storage space into every one of his designs.

Most people don't read blueprints for a living. Larry James understands this, so he keeps his plans very clear and easy to read. Each element of your home plan is meticulously rendered to minimize confusion.

Proven Performance

Every year, Larry James sells thousands of home plans worldwide. His work has been featured in your favorite magazines—Better Homes & Gardens, Good Housekeeping, House Beautiful, Home Magazine, and Builder to name a few. But his designs don't just appear in magazines—they win awards.


Every Larry James home plan is an example of his education and experience. He holds a Master’s degree in Art and Design. He is a member of the American Institute of Building Design and a Certified Professional Building Designer. He travels to Europe frequently, gaining a deeper understanding of European architecture. He supports the Institute for the Study of Classical Architecture at New York University, where he has studied.

Since 1972, Larry has been designing plans—thousands of them. Ranging in size from 400 to 20,000 square feet, each displays Larry’s attention to traditional proportions and detail. Years of know-how go into every plan, as well as something else that seems in short supply these days: care.

A Friendly Working Relationship

Talking with Larry James is like chatting up an old friend on a warm summer evening. From the start, you’ll realize you’re in the company of a man who genuinely cares about you and your dream for a new home of your own.

If it’s important to you to have a gifted, down-to-earth design firm that is dedicated to your comfort and satisfaction, the choice is obvious.

Larry James & Associates. Making America beautiful, one home at a time.